semiskilled manpower in pune

A semiskilled worker is one who does work generally of defined routine nature wherein the major requirement is not so much of the judgment, skill and but for proper discharge of duties assigned to him or relatively narrow job and where important decisions made by others. His work is thus limited to the performance of routine operations of limited scope.

Our company has sculpted a remarkable place in the market as a reputed service provider to offer a qualitative Semi Skilled Manpower Supply Services. We provide professionals for factory and plant site works.We also take care of your needs for semi-skilled workers too. Semi skilled workers are who work as assistant to the skilled workers. They have the basic knowledge of the work they are doing and work under the guidelines given by the skilled workers.

They are of connecting skilled and unskilled level and are very valuable for any industry because they contribute labor as per demanded by the skilled workers. The semi-skilled worker is of those categories that have to work under the guidance of skilled workers.

Semi-Skilled work does not need superior training or specific skills, but it does need more skills than an unskilled worker job. People who perform semi-skilled employees usually have more than a high-school diploma, but less than a college degree. The types of experiences required for this are not complex but usually incorporate the capability to control and perform repetitive jobs. These types of skills are further expected to be interchangeable and helpful in other jobs.